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Travis and I did too much on Saturday... it was good, but we were just running around to Friendly's (for a free meal), then to a graduation party (for Travis' cousin's daughter), then I had to take him back to work (where his car was) so he could would for the afternoon and I could go to Bed Bath & Beyond (to use our gift card to get these and this). Luckily after that I did so little for the rest of the weekend that I think I actually ended up expending negative energy.


It's totally Barb's fault though (heart you Barb) because I borrowed her Sex and the City DVDs, for ALL seasons. And between Saturday evening-night, and Sunday all damn day I watched half of them! I'm already most of the way through Season Three. And they are fabulous! I love that show.
I did take one break yesterday mid-day to watch the ~1.5 to 2 miles (round trip, approx.) to the grocery store and get a few items we were needing. I had to get out of the house a little, get my blood flowing. But after that and some dishes, it was back to the DVDs. Hey, it was a weekend, and I have busy ones coming up so I wanted to enjoy it!

Today has been frantic. The morning was fine, but I was tired and running late. I have to do wash tonight... that was half my problem this morning. Then we had not one, but two events in our library today. And the speaker for the first event ran late. By 40 minutes! And when he called to give us his progress meantioned that "oh yea, can you set up for a power point presentation too?!" Blah!! So most of my morning was spent frantically running around setting things up, then tearing things down, and resetting up for the second meeting. Finally now I might be able to get some actual work done.

Well, I should probably get to it.

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