okay, honestly...

where did this week go?! Forget that, where did this month go? I turned around and suddenly its friday! And tomorrow its july! And I have a wonderful four day weekend to look forward to, followed by a day and a half of work, followed by a three and a half day weekend during which Megan and Mike will get married! I definitely like that ratio of weekend days to work days! Unfortunately it will also mean another week of not seeing much of travis... he has to work some this weekend, and monday. I'll get to spend tuesday with him which will be nice, but then he works wednesday night... and thursday I am heading right from work to the rehearsal, so I won't see him thursday or friday until the wedding. At least we will get to have fun at the reception together.

Honestly I'm surprised the week went by so fast. My boss Alan has been out for the week and its been so hard to be motivated... and I've just been pretty blah about work itself this week, but amazingly I've still gotten all my work done and the days have still flown. I might not understand the why of it, but believe me, I'm not complaining!

Now, for your viewing pleasure... I finally have some photos for you of Megan's bridal shower, and of Babs and I from last weekend.

Megan being surprised as she walked in the door.

Her cake.

Megan with her mom (on the left, blond) and Mike's mom (on the right, light brown).

Her little sister Caitlin all decorated in her toilet paper wedding dress.

And these are from BABs' place:
Babs, me in the middle, and our friend Joy.

Babs and I.

Fun, right?! I think Babs and I are kind of hotties in that second picture. :-)

Whenever I go a few days without writing, I always feel like I should have so much to report on, but honestly while we definitely keep busy... its all just the same stuff and nothing that would seem so exciting to talk about. I finally got out of the house on Wednesday and hit the ball around on the tennis court... just practicing my serve and such... but without someone else to volley with, well you can only go for so long. I did get a good 20 minutes or so... not to bad. Hopefully I'll get my butt in gear today too and do something outside. I might as well enjoy one of our first days without rain in over a week! Luckily my neighborhood and surrounding area wasn't really effected too much by the rain... but a lot of people not too far were. Pop over and see this post by Mainline Mom to see some of the horrible flooding in the Philadelphia area. Here's a story that talks about more areas in the Northeast that were hit hard. I also showed you some of the flooding in DC thanks to my cousin Ian's picture. Hopefully the worst is behind us and the waters can start to receed!

Okay, well the day is winding down, so I'm going to get back to work... and then get on to my weekend! Enjoy!


  1. I'm so envious of your 4-day weekend!

  2. I wrote something! I wrote something! Read it! Read it! Hurry!


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