cowboy take me away

JUNE! Can you believe it is June already?! Gawh!

I feel like I will be washing things forever! I washed all of our new kitchen "gadgets" last night, and the rest of our glasses, and half of the towels. I still have to do all of the pots/pans and the rest of the towels. Not that I am complaining... because people's generosity has been amazing!

Oh, on another note: you definitely have to head over to Friday Playdate and read this post. That post is me. I'm so there... well, minus the kids.


4:00: Okay, so this has been sitting open since 11 this morning, and hasn't grown in size or content... I'm just going to post the fucker!


4:05: I almost forgot about this!!!!!!! (Thanks Barry.)

I can totally see both of these... although I think Rachel is much hotter then me, and Babs is much hotter then Celine Dion!!

Yea, I'm not seeing the whole Ms. Theron thing... but my brother totally looks like Gael!

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  1. I could send you the kids. Seriously.

    And tonight we're watching the E! special on Sex and the City. Yes, really! Because we're all about sex--er, television.


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