Damn busy lately. Even now, I have to be quick and write during breaks from the huge project my boss just dumped in my lap.

Let's see... friday I cleaned, a bunch.
Saturday was the wedding. A big congrates to Kim & Harry D*****. The wedding was beautiful. In a perfect world I would have remembered to bring other shoes to wear to walk around in (it was at Peddler's Village and we went early to see the sights), and not have killed my feet before the wedding even started. It also wouldn't have been about 90* in the sun, with almost no breeze. But it was a beautiful day, and the wedding was sweet. Short and sweet... Harry cried too, which was just the cutest thing.

They are the cutest couple, and their day turned out great.

Travis and I headed home that night, and were sore and exhausted when we got home. I slept in the next morning, which felt amazing... then got up and showered and we went out to brunch. We hit up a place called Nifty Fiftys, which we had been meaning to check out, and it was great! Good food, good service. I had the best milk shake. After that we headed to Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and the Acme to do a little shopping around. My feet were still sore from the night before, so I started to get a bit cranky by the time we were in the Target. I actually waited in the car at the Acme and was wondering why Trav was being so slow all that day. Imagine my surprise when we pulled up to our place and found this:

There were even more balloons and streamers because this is a shot Ro took while they were still decorating.

Yup, Sunday was my bridal shower, and they definitely surprised me!! I'm waiting for more pictures from my mom and Megan V., but you can check out Ro's pictures here and here. They did a great job. It was Dr. Suess themed, and I think everyone had a great time. The bridal shower favors were black and white zebra stripped socks with red trim (seen hanging out of Miyano's pocket). And all of the bridal party wore black and white socks with pink details. Here's another picture with Travis' great aunt Mary dressed for one of the games in a toilet paper wedding dress... and you can see all the socks.

I was a very happy girl (seen here wearing my Dr. Suess hat decorated with the ribbons and bows from my gifts). Everyone was so generous, and it was a great day. A big huge thanks to all of my bridesmaids and my mom for throwing a great shower, and to Ro & Heather for staying up until 2 in the morning the night before making tons of food, including dozens of finger sandwiches, which Travis and I just finished eating today!!
I have the best friends.

Sunday afternoon we headed over to Ro & Pat's to relax, and Ro & I took advantage of the pool at their apartment complex (my first use of the bathing suit this season... wasn't too bad, I actually felt pretty good in it). It was so nice to cool off a bit since this weekend the heat and humidity really hit. We watched the first two X-Men movies and relaxed and played games.

Monday Trav had to work but it gave me a chance to unpack/put together/play with some of our new stuff. We're still working on everything, but at least this morning we were able to put out the five or six bags of trash full of wrapping paper, packaging, balloons, streamers, and party reminents that were left from the weekend. Wowzers! We also have our new clock and lamps set up, and are busy washing our towels, cups, and pots/pans.

Now its back to work (luckily a short week), and dealing with this heat.
Dear God, where did this heat come from?! Just last week there was still a chill to the air at night. We went from that, to sleeping with all the windows in our bedroom open and multiple fans, in one day! Where is my transition?! Ugh.

Oh well, as of tomorrow it is June. Summer is here kids, summer is here!


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