May 22nd

Today is a very important day... 26 years ago on this very day, the future love of my life was born. :-)
Happy Birthday Travis!!

Unfortunately he has to work tonight, so we celebrated some last night, and will celebrate with his birthday dinner of Chinese food tomorrow night. But it is still his day.

Last night I cooked dinner to be ready when Trav got home from work... lamb with a yummy light coconut sauce, brown rice, and green beans with a nice red wine. I really had never cooked lamb on my own before, so it was definitely an interesting experiment in improvisation. It worked out well. In the end anyway... since my initial sauce was a one with red wine and other things, and my initial veggies were broccoli, green beans, and peas. Those didn't turn out so well, so they were replaced. Opps. But the lamb chops were good and the rest, in the end, was delicious as well. Especially the coconut sause stuff. Mmmmm.

I Love You Travis, and I hope your day is everything you could have hoped for.

Well, that's about all there was for me. The rest of the weekend was a bit of a wash. Not that I had anything big planned, but Saturday I didn't have my car for most of the day (it was in the shop for some routine things), and Trav was at work, so I was stuck at home. After I got my car I did run out to Bed, Bath, & Beyond for something for a friend, but otherwise I was lazy! Not that I would ever complain about lazy, but then I was home all day on Sunday too (while Travis worked) because I was waiting for a call from a women about babysitting. She never called me back, and so my day was shot (I was real annoyed). The best part of that day was the cooking for Trav. I feel like I didn't have much of a real weekend. I just sat there last night unable to fathom that it was actually Sunday night!

I'm definitely looking forward to this weekend. We have a wedding on Saturday, and of course, Monday off which is just the best thing. And then it is pretty much the end of May! Damn time flies!

Okay, well speaking of time flying... back to work for me!

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