don't feed the animals

Travis called me as soon as he got to work this morning (or maybe even from his cellphone, I'm not sure). The phone rang right as my alarm went off, and for a moment I was really confuse. I rolled one way and hit my alarm button, then the other way and grabbed the phone from Trav's bedside table. "Hulloe?"

He was calling me because he knows me so well. He was calling to feed my obsession. He was calling because he loves me. He was calling to tell me that my girlfriend was in labor.

I don't know where he heard this, or if it is even true, because I can't find it anywhere now... but the fact that he called me to tell me that... well, I just love that man!!

ps. my effort to tape the series finale of W&G was foiled... so if anyone taped that show, and I can borrow it or come over and watch it, let me know!!!

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