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Sunday was good. I really got lucky with great, easy kids to sit for. Yesterday went by so fast I didn't even get a chance to pop in, and today is passing pretty swiftly as well. This weekend I work the whole time, but hopefully that will pass quickly too. Tonight Travis works... who knows what I will do? A quick stop at the store, that is definite, but otherwise... well, I always feel like I should get out and workout, but how often do I really? I've been bad about that... and before I know it, we'll be at the point where its too hot for me. Thanks to my dad's genes, that is basically anywhere above 75-80*!

Before I forget, a HUGE birthday shout-out to Rochelle who is a quarter century old today!!

Happy Birthday Ro!!!!!!

Everyone (whether you know her personally or not) head over to her blog and drop her a happy birthday wish. It will really make her day.

Otherwise its the same old stuff. I did get a phone call from Laura yesterday which really brightened my day. The quads & babe are doing well, and apparently just got their flowergirl dresses. They are in both my wedding in October, and in June, Laura's sister's wedding. Madeline had lost a tooth a few months ago and for the longest time would greet people by pointing to the empty spot, and with finger still in mouth say, "see where i lost my tooth?!" Well, apparently since the dresses came in her greeting has changed to, "I'm in two weddings. I am a flowergirl!" This definitely put a smile one my face... especially when Laura tells me that she doesn't just say "flowergirl", but says it like someone else might say "CEO of a multi-million dollar international corporation"... this is her new profession. God I love kids.

Okay, well back to work for me. I'm trying to be a good girl and get lots done today. Wish me luck with that one. :-)

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