Days like this...

Days/weekends like this should never end. They are wonderful and soothing!! :-) Friday night was my first babysitting job, and it went great. Two little boys who are just so sweet and good natured. They were the so easy to get along with, and the night flew by. Then yesterday the Terminix guy finally got to come, and he did his thing while we did ours. It was nice out so we hung laundry to dry on the line outside which always reminds me of home (childhood/parent's home). We got all kinds of food ready for the evening and baked the cake for Ro. Well, Travis backed the cake and I got to take care of the frosting part. We had fun with that.
Some cleaning and straightening... then the girls started arriving around 4:30. A while back I went to a bridal showcase thing with Megan V.... we had a great time and entered some drawing. Well, about two or three weeks ago I got a call from a women named Naa, who is a Mary Kay consultant. Apparently I had won a Pampering Party from her, and that's what we were doing last night. Three of my Bridesmaids came: Heather, Ro, and Lauren... and we had a freakin blast!! Drank wine, ate tons of food, and got pampered by Naa who was funny and easygoing. She helped us with makeup and Ro bought some to wear for the wedding, and I bought Babs hers for an early b-day gift. Here are some after pictures of my beautiful ladies.

Babs with the makeup I bought her.

Ro, with the makeup she bought for the wedding.

I think Lauren's makeup turned out absolutely amazing!

I will not being wearing my make-up this dark!

And here is Ro blowing out the candles on her cake (b-day on tuesday).

It was a great time... I wish I could do that every weekend! Afterwards, Trav returned from his hideaway (relaxing with Pat away from the estrogen festival), and we just relaxed for a bit before heading to bed.
This morning we slept in a bit, then got up, ate grilled cheese sandwhiches** before Trav headed out to work. It's quiet here right now, and I am enjoying that too. I have another babysitting job, for a different family, at 4. Until then there is nothing that I HAVE to do, and I LOVE that!

Okay, well off I go to take a relaxing shower, and go about my day.

**ps. Can we talk cheese for a minute?! Good. I don't know about you, but I LOVE cheese. I can eat it on anything, and everything is better with it. I also happen to love my cheddar, and with cheddar, the sharper the better! I want my cheddar to hurt me. And yesterday Travis came home with this. It was love (at first bite?! Lol, sorry, couldn't resist). Today's grilled cheese was the best ever. I love Seriously Sharp Cheddar. This man really knows how to please me. If you like your cheddar extra sharp, and think even that could have a little more omph... you need to try this.

Okay, I will stop talking about cheese now.

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