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A Warning: I am all about the hyperlinks today. End Warning.

Can I tell you how gross I am?! How I am eagerly awaying both the birth of the Brangalina baby, and the supposed Tomkitten. I'm a little disgusted with myself. But I do love me some gossip... it is just such a nice break from the "real world", from work and all. Especially with Trav and I working so much (especially Trav). To prove my point, I'm staying late tonight because he is working and I am behind... hopefully I can be super productive here, then again once I get home. Probably dishes, maybe more laundry, hopefully something physical and outside. Anyway.

Last night was my first wedding disagreement with my future MIL... I was not a happy girl. I love Travis' mom tons, and normally we don't fight... and it wasn't really a fight, but she just had her opinion on something, and I had my own, and for a while the two were not meeting! I believe all has been resolved now. God I hope so anyway! I am ready for it to be October already...

Speaking of weddings, here are some pro pictures for you from Brian & Stacey's wedding (4/8)... they are clearly much better then mine. Lol.

Trav doing his reading.

Saying their vows.
What a kiss!
Don't worry, this was after the ceremony was over!! :-)

The happy couple.

It was definitely a beautiful ceremony.

So this past weekend was great. Friday, no work, so of course that was nice. Got to sleep in a little and Ro came over to eat some brunch with me. She brought this big ham steak thing which was delicious, and I cooked up some eggs too. Of course, I don't know what I was thinking eating ham right before Easter!!!

Then the Terminix guy came to give us our free inspection. Good thing too because it looks like there was a little termite damage on our back basement window. But the good news was, they aren't in the basement or anything, and it looks like it is relatively little damage. We are going to get the treatment this weekend though.

That afternoon/evening we headed down to DC to visit with my uncle Wray. His new apartment is very nice, and we had a great visit. Saturday we (Wray, Trav, my cousin Morgan, and I) went to see Scary Movie 4. It wasn't my favorite of the scary movies... but it was both stupid and funny which were my only two expectations, so I wasn't disappointed.
We had our Easter dinner that night since Morgan was flying home to Cali the next day and Trav and i were driving home. A big ham, potatoes, cheeses, veggies, etc... with some extra guests, including my other cousin, Ian. It was great. Then Ian, Morgan, Trav, & I headed out to the video store and rented A History of Violence. It was a pretty good movie... but I thought it got to a bit of a slow start and then (WARNING, THE NEXT BIT IS A LITTLE GIVE AWAY IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE... DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW) the jump from him denying his past to admitting his past is so sudden. It seemed a little too... can't find the word... it was like they couldn't find a way to make him break down and admit he really was Joey, except for just suddenly say, "Hey I'm Joey." Overall though, I really did like the movie, and appreciated the difference between the short gory parts where Joey/Tom was killing people and the rest of the movie where Tom/Joey is just a normal guy.

Anyway, Sunday rolled around and Trav & I headed out to do a little specific sightseeing... the Exocist stairs (aka the stairs the priest falls down in the movie the Exorcist), which are located in Georgetown very close to the university, and then the giant statue at Hain's Point. I swear I will download pictures soon, but it was definitely fun. After that we headed back to my uncle's for lunch, then it was time to head home. It wasn't too bad of a drive, definitely could have been a lot worse... and when we got home we had time for Travis to cut the grass (first cutting of the season!), shower, and then we headed to Ro & Pat's for dinner.

After that it was relaxing and getting ready for bed.

Yesterday was supper busy, but otherwise nothing different. Travis didn't have to work which was great. Nights like that are so spaced out now that they are wonderful.

Okay, well back to work for me.

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