today is the first day...

... of a very long week. :-)

So much to write about, but no time or energy to do it.

We saw the Exorcist stairs! Pictures later. Everything later. Work now. Bleech...

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  1. Hi Meg, Can you please pass this on to Travis and any other accounting grads from Lehigh?

    Betsy Balaguer

    04/17/2006 04:45 PM
    Anthony R Wuench/US/ABAS/PwC@Americas-US,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    cc, Laura Sobocienski/US/ABAS/PwC@Americas-US,,, Joanna Fleming/US/ABAS/PwC@Americas-US

    Lehigh Acounting--Steve Liedtka

    Accounting Alumni-
    I just wanted to inform you of a situation that is in the process of
    occuring within the accounting department here at Lehigh. Some of you probably
    already know something about it, but hear is a summary...

    Two weeks ago during my Accounting 307 class, we were told the unfortunate
    news that our professor, Steve Liedtka, was not granted tenure by the
    University. Although the accounting department unanimously voted for him, the
    Business school completely backing him, and students believing that he is by
    far one of the best professors on this campus, the Provost decided to deny
    tenure and is effectively fired after the Spring 07 semester. I have been
    talking to other professors and students within the department about this, and
    they are all angered and in disbelief.

    From what i have gathered this past week, there is a lot of different
    things that may influence one's possibility for tenure. The three main things
    considered are teaching, service, and research. Professor Liedtka by no
    question has set his teaching level substantially above the standard, and
    from what other professors have said his service is right around the same
    level. As for his research, that is the true reason that he is not getting his
    tenure. Although his allotted amount is in the top 10% of all business faculty,
    that is still supposidly not good enough for the Provost. With 5 professors in
    the accounting department getting ready for retirement within the next couple
    of years, i am in shock that the university would want to get rid of such a
    valuable asset to the Lehigh community. The message that the Provost is
    sending by not allowing students to have a voice in the matter is quite
    disturbing to me since i have always gotten the impression that the most
    important asset to Lehigh are the students...whether past or current. When this
    news hits the accounting alumni, i feel like there will be an outcry against the
    university. This is not only a detrement to the current students, but a disgrace
    to all of the alumni.

    One of the best things about Lehigh, in my opinion, compared to other big
    name schools is that the faculty, for the most part, will go out of their way
    for any student if at all possible. As i see it, the accounting department
    here is one of the top in the nation and i firmly believe it has everything to
    do with the faculty. As i said before, with the 5 professors retiring shortly
    and the unexpected "firing" of Steve Liedtka, the accounting department is only
    going to crumble under the leadership of professors who will devote all of their
    time to research. I have already encounted two professors like this within the
    department, and i truly look at their class as a disgrace to the Lehigh name
    since they dont care about the class, but only on their research. They dont
    care about the students as individuals and where they could spread the Lehigh
    name to one day.

    We are starting a petition of current students in an effort to save his
    job. All i know is he is definitely by FAR one of the top professors that i have
    had here, and i think the university is at a detrement if they let him go. I
    have gotten all of your emails directly from Steve and Im actually emailing you
    to see if you would be willing to "sign" the petition. I have attached a few
    documents (the petition, Steve's research information, and a link to an article
    from the Brown and White) for your information. If you would want to sign the
    petition, if you could email me back ( so that i can place your
    name on the petition and have proof of your signature or you could directly
    email the provost himself. And if you know of any other Lehigh accounting alums
    who would be willing to do the same, if you could forward this email and also
    ask them to do the same, we all would greatly appreciate it. The current
    students are outraged that this is occuring and we are trying to do everything
    possible to stop if from truly happening.

    Thank you in advance,
    Betsy Balaguer


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