Damn! Today is flying by because I am so busy and don't have enough hours to get everything done. So of course it just goes faster! The weekend was wonderful. My girls are amazing. Pictures to follow. Yesterday was fine, it was the worst timing for an event (because of said busyness, but...), but the evening was nice. Travis BBQed a steak and made baked potatoes... so good. My boy is a great cook. Tonight he has his JCPennys training, so I will be on my own for most of the night. I'll probably work late. Not sure when he actually starts working though. Thursday is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for Bri & Stacey's wedding (coming this Saturday). I might have my first babysitting job this Sunday.

That's all really. That is plenty I guess!
My mom is amazing (she's doing our calligraphy), my Uncle Jim is amazing (details to follow when we have them all worked out)... things are coming along nicely.

Okay, work.

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  1. Well I came here looking for your email and found none. I wanted to address the question you posed in my comments. I am not going to do it there nor am I going to do it here, so email me with your email addy and if you really wanna know I will be more than happy to share with you. Are you sorry you asked yet? ;)


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