its depressing when your weekends suck

I'm cold and frustrated (and a broken record apparently). Good news, I have a babysitting job for next friday. Bad news, I spent two hours sitting at the car place while they did a job that was only supposed to take 45 minutes... and was only then alerted that it was done because i walked in and presented myself to the guy at the desk. As fun as their waiting room was... it would have been nice to get the hell out of there. Especially since they were only doing half of what they were supposed to do, since apparently they fucked up and I can't get my inspection/emissions done until next month. Plus there were the three recalls on my car that no one had alerted me about and they were surprised when I acted surprised to hear about them! Um, well if you were the ones that were supposed to notify me, and you didn't, then of course I didn't know about them!!! So they get my car for a whole day in about a month to do those recalls and my inspection stuff. Then I spent $2.89/gallon on gas after driving around for ten minutes to find the cheapest place, which isn't really frustrating, but more depressing. After that I came home and ate a disappointing lunch, covered our soaked lawn mower, and waited around to hear from the Terminix people that were supposed to come today. Finally I called... "oh, I'm so sorry, no one called you?" Oh no, someone called me, I'm just so lonely I thought I would call my friendly bug guy to chat... uh, yeah, no one called me. So now I'll have to reschedule that too. And Trav is working so that just made it that much worse since I have to deal with all this on my own.

Thank God this is only one day of the weekend. Tomorrow should be better. I have my first dress fitting... which I am very excited about. Plus, I'm glad I won't be home because Trav has work tomorrow too.
What a day.

Okay, off to distract myself with dishes and laundry.

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