fun little meme, because... well, why not?!

I AM: Meegs... no more, no less.
I WANT: the wedding to be here, the planning to be over, to be a Mrs.
I WISH: we could afford a different house... a single with a bigger backyard, somewhere with more rurally goodness (just notice the big opps, as before this read "more urbany goodness"... definitely NOT what i was going for).
I HATE: right now, my job.
I MISS: summers by my Babwa's pool.
I FEAR: being stagnant, being stuck in this job and this house forever.
I HEAR: sounds of the city... engines, brakes, horns, birds... and my stomach growling.
I WONDER: what the future holds, where we will be in 20 years... when I will get to be a mommy.
I REGRET: not returning that one email. sorry pappy.
I AM NOT: perfect... not even close to perfect. i'm also not sorry, for being who I am.
I DANCE: anytime, any place. to celebrate and to "get away".
I SING: loudly, in the car and the shower, to lots of music... to feel free.
I CRY: softly, at night, and in the shower... to release the demons.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: going to give someone else 100%. going to be in this job.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: good food and bad origami elephants (armadillos).
I WRITE: good poetry, okay blog entries, and not enough letters.
I CONFUSE: people... by being odd. and what i want, with what i need.
I NEED: love. understanding. hope. a place to feel at home.
I SHOULD: focus more on now, enjoy single days... i should probably also be working right now.
I START: lately, wedding projects....
I FINISH: most of what i start.
I TAG: all of you (definitely you Barry!)... try this, it feels good.

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