do i reek of pride? :-)

I was so productive on friday, and in the span of just about two hours, because after that I collapsed into bed a quivering blubbering mass due to the horrible migraine I had developed. Lovely. But the productive part was good! I balanced my checkbook and the joint checkbook and wrote out a check to our mortgage company (happy year of owning your home, here's how much you owe us!), I put all the due dates for wedding payments in my dayplanner, and took a walk to the nearest postbox to drop off the mortgage company payment, put a load of laundry into the washer, then dryer, and ate some yummy food for dinner while relaxing and reading a book. Then I felt that familiar pounding and just wanted to die since I knew what was coming. About a half hour later (8:30pm), I had taken my Excedrin Migraine and was in bed in the afformentioned position. Two hours later when Travis got home, I still hadn't really slept, but I had been in our dark and silent room, laying on my soft and comforting bed, and felt about three hundred times better. We relaxed for about another hour before heading to bed.

Where I still couldn't sleep.

At about 1:30 I gave up, and got up, and worked on the computer for a little... fixing up the address document for my mom (she's doing the calligraphy for our invitations), and posting on the knot. After about an hour or so of that, I got back in bed, with much more success (thankfully!).

Saturday we basically got up and ready for Brian & Stacey's wedding. The ceremony was at two, and it was really sweet. It passed by quickly (for a Catholic ceremony), and we headed to the hotel to get checked in. After that we were shuttled over to the reception site, preceeded to eat, drink, and dance our way through the evening... and then shuttled back to the hotel. It was a great time and hopefully I will have some pictures for you tomorrow (Trav is working tonight, so its all about remembering the download them).

Sunday was lazy. We woke up at the hotel, said quick goodbyes to the bride and groom who were heading off for their honeymoon, had some brunch, and talked with Ollie & Amy for a bit. We headed to Willy's to finish the cleaning we started a few weeks ago... then home to be lazy for the rest of the day. It was nice. I took a walk to the postbox again in the afternoon to drop off the responce card for our next wedding, which is the sister of the groom of the wedding we just attended! Busy family. Should be great.

Okay, well I'm about to walk out the door, we have an event this afternoon/evening, and its time to head over to the site. Happy Monday!

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  1. What is your address on the knot so I can live vicariously through you? :)


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