one week into april...

... and I am already sick of April showers! This weather is crazy. One minute its snowing, then raining, then the sun pops out, only to have you turn around and its dark as night again. Hopefully it will be nice for the wedding tomorrow. Even though its all inside, it is always nice to have good weather.

Last night was nice. Dinner was great, and seeing Brian & Stacey and Brian's family is always nice. It was good to see that they didn't look too nervous. ;-) I did have one drink with dinner, and that was enough so when we got home we quickly closed everything down and hoped right into bed. We were asleep fast!

Today is definitely a friday... the whole office is restless and having trouble concentrating. But at least the day is flying, and I am DEFINITELY not staying late today. Tonight Travis works again, so I'll be alone for a bit. I think I'll try to work out some, although I'm not sure if I'll run or not, since the weather is so crazy today. We'll see what it looks like when I get home. I definitely have plenty of little things to keep me busy though. So I'm sure the time will fly.

Ahh, okay, time to go home! Have a nice weekend everyone!

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