when it is good, it is very good.

And right now it is definitely good. We just discovered a little honeypot that we didn't know existed. "Hey Megan, it's Dad, just calling to talk to you about that savings bond that your grandmother took out for you. You knew about that right?" Um, not exactly. So yay! We now have an emergency bond we can tap in October if necessary, and if not it will just keep growing for when we do need it.

And for your amusement, you have to check this out... Rock, Paper, Saddam! Honestly, its really funny.

On a sad note, head over and give your condolences to Ro, who just lost her grandfather yesterday. It's hard because they just got back from a great vacation too... so its an extra large shock to the system.

Trav is working tonight and it is gorgeous out, so maybe I will go for a run, or just go practice serving some tennis balls, or something! I definitely have to get outside and enjoy this. A big ole Happy Birthday Barb!! goes out to Travis' mom, who's birthday is today. Hopefully it is a great one.

Okay, back to work for me.

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