Megog... that's Megan + Fog.

Today I feel like I stuck my head in a giant vat of cotton candy. You know that foggy feeling you get after you haven't slept for 40 hours, where you feel like your brain isn't completely connected with the rest of your body. Yeah, that's me.

Except I did sleep. Pretty well too. But apparently it wasn't enough.
And to top it off, I'm a bit sore today because I decided to go for a run last night. That's right, I ran! Go figure. It actually went surprisingly well since I haven't run since, oh, college. And its not like I ran regularly in college. No I would do the occational run with one of my housemates who were in ridiculously better shape then me, and afterwards i would always feel like dying.

Megan or Hannah, "would you run with me today?" (translation: I'm slightly sadistic and enjoy watching other peoples pain, and will in fact push you so that you want to jump infront of the nearest car), and I say, "of course I would like to run with you." (which means: whip me mama, i like it).

Tonight is Brian & Stacey's rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Should be nice. I'm very excited for them. I even shaved my legs, and am wearing a pretty skirt.
Clearly I won't be drinking... as it would probably put me in a coma... but I'm looking forward to being around fun people and eating good food.

Plus I'm happy because I won't be staying late today! Yay!
Okay, to work.

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