The Duke of Perth has a "Sean Connery Burger" on their menu, which is not made with real chunks of Sean Connery, because I asked.

(-- Smarty Pants)

So, no pictures for you. Sorry. I didn't get home until 8:30 last night, and didn't feel like being productive at that point. I just relaxed a bit, and read, and waited for Travis to get home. It wasn't bad at all. Tonight we are going to clean house because this weekend we did no dishes, and did no straightening, and it is a bit disgusting. Opps. But we will both be home at normal times and we will tackle the mess together. And then we will watch House (yay!), and hopefully go to bed at 10:00 which was our old normal bedtime, vs. somewhere between 10:30-11:00 which is what has been happening lately due to Travis working job 2. I've definitely been tired because of it, and its cute when I say "why don't we go to bed now" and he says, "oh you go ahead, i'll be up in a little"... and then he thinks that i'll go upstairs and sleep (which is what he would do), while he watches TV (NOISE) with the lights on (LIGHT), with our nonexistant bedroom door to, you know, NOT shut out the noise and light.
I can't sleep in the best of circumstances (aka. in a vacumn), you think i'm just going to nod off in that?!

Anyway. :-)

Did I tell you about the honeymoon?! I know I told you part of the decision here, and eluded to it here... but now I will tell you about all the details! Basically, because of my awesome uncle, Travis and I will spend 6 days in the Sonoma/Napa Valley area of CA (only about 40 minutes from San Fran), from Saturday (day after our wedding) to the following Friday. Plane tickets are booked, hotel is booked, and the rental car is being taken care of. It is amazing and we are so excited. And we're actually glad that we are coming back on Friday night instead of Saturday, because it will give us a chance to settle in again before returning to work. We are looking forward to a week of relaxing, swimming, with a visit to San Fran, maybe some hiking or horseback riding or something like that... and of course, WINE. Lots and lots of wine!! Oh yes.
And then next year, Ireland!

So much excitement.

Okay, back to work. I have tons.

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