I cannot remember right now why there are presents for Easter (happy Crucifixion Day!), but we celebrate it in ... a "spring, newness" sort of way...

(-- SmartyPants, again. no more i swear.)

Do you know what today is? Do you?
Today is exactly 6-months until the wedding. Yay!

Plus, it's Friday! Well sort of. I have tomorrow off, so today is like friday! And it's almost Easter! And tomorrow Trav & I are going to DC! Woo-hoo! What is not to love about that?! Anyone else with big exciting Easter plans?

So, last night was, in fact productive, all laundry in the house done! And folded! All dishes done! My photos, uploaded! Check out Brian&Stacey's wedding, and meeting with my girls Cas, Sebz, Babs, & Cas' girl Skyeler (they are at the end, the beginning is all a young Skyeler)...
And I even ate a healthy dinner. Go Me.

Tonight, since Trav works again, maybe a run or rollerblading! Hopefully it won't get all dark and rain threatening again like last night... the only reason I stayed in (really... don't you believe me?).

Today it is so hard to concentrate... no boss, no bosses boss, no work tomorrow, gorgeous weather right outside my window. Wish me luck with this one... and have a great weekend!

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