the week is halfway done... the week is halfway done...

Is it bad that I start counting down to the weekend at Monday at about 9am? Well, too bad! Today, the week is halfway done.

This post is mostly about looking forward to things. There is so much exciting stuff coming up! I feel like it will be wedding time before I know it since there is so much going on that will help the time fly. First there is Travis' birthday which unfortunately falls on a Monday (he'll be working... boo), but on Tuesday we are going to order Chinese, and maybe watch the movie that he picked out. Then the next big event is a week from Saturday (the 27th)... Kim & Harry's wedding. It should be a great time, that is one fun family, and I haven't been to Peddler's Village before, so I'm looking forward to that too. June holds my Babwa's birthday, and then some wedding type events for Megan V.... who's wedding is on the 7th of July. After that we have, in quick succession, Trav's dad's day, his brother Andy's day, and my mom's day. August 1st is Jimmy Buffet, and the 15th is my birthday, and then the night of the 18th we leave for Cape Cod (returning on the 26th). While we're there we'll get to see Andy & Megan, and Travis' parents. We'll also be mailing our wedding invites that month. September 1st I'll be leaving for Vegas, the 20th is when the RSVPs are due by, the Quads will turn 7, then the head counts are due on the 29th. Then October is here and we are into major wedding crunch time!! Pretty exciting stuff!

And of course, today, for those of you who thought I forgot... is Megan Vasta's birthday!

Happy Birthday Megan!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully her and Mike will get to do something loverly. I'll have to call her this afternoon and see what they will be up to.

So it looks like Travis' schedule will be evening out now. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays... plus two weekends on, one weekend off, or something like that. I'm still never going to be able to keep the weekends straight... but at least there won't be anymore of that three nights in a row stuff!

Okay, work... bleech.

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