what a day!

Let's see... so first there was the drizzle. Then the sun came out and it wasn't so bad. Then, logically right when I was leaving work, there was the torrential downpour, which even with an umbrella, soaked my legs up to my knees... so soaked that when I got home (after enjoying the nice soggy train ride) I left squishy footprints with my socks, and had to peel my pants off of me. Then, once again, there were blue skies. Followed, of course, by hail! And then another torrential rain. Lol... What. A. Day.

On a seperate note... this weekend was great! I mentioned eating dinner at Ro & Pat's on Sunday. But I didn't talk about Saturday. That morning I had a hair appointment, which Travis was sweet enough to accompany me to. On our way to my parents' house we picked some wild flowers for my mom. We ate copious amounts of cheese, crackers, dips, fruit, etc... and relaxed. Lori (the seamstress) came over that afternoon and I got my wedding dress pinned! Lol, don't worry... we kicked Travis upstairs for a while, he didn't see the dress. She took that with her, which is very exciting. Dinner was homemade chicken tenders and pesto pasta, with garlic herb rolls and corn. My mom is a GREAT cook!! It was a really nice day and a great b-day/mother's day celebration.

Here is Lady, who apparently thinks she is a lap dog... she starts like this...

And ends up like this!

Once again... starts like this...

And we have a lap dog!!

So, I know I didn't take the time to do a whole big post for mother's day, or for my dad's birthday, but I do want to take a little time to talk about just how amazing they are. I have wonderful parents.

My mom has always been one of my best friends. I've always known that I could, and can, talk to her about anything. Whatever it was, she would be there to listen to me, and would always be willing to help me through whatever trial. She is a strong, amazing, intelligent woman, and I am so proud to have her as my mother. I only hope that when I have kids, they look up to me the way I always have and always will look up to her.
My dad and I haven't always gotten along. I could say that we have always been best buds, but to lie about that would belittle what we have now. We have worked hard for our current relationship, and I don't want to lessen that. Growing up I didn't understand my father. He is bipolar, which is a complicated disease that leaves the person experiencing it at a lose for what their body is doing, why they feel the way they feel (that commercial that talks about how depression hurts all over... its very right on)... and if you don't know what's happening to you, how can anyone else? It took time apart, and an acceptance of my own metal health, uh, issues, to appreciate just how hard my papita always tried for his family. There wasn't anything he wouldn't do for us... and won't do for us now. It feels so good to now be able to say that I love my papita so much, and I am so proud that he is my father. He is brave and honest and a true advocate for anyone in need. He is a rare breed and I can finally say that I wish there were more men out there like him.

I know my childhood wasn't the easiest time for my parents... not because of me (although I'm sure there are time I didn't help!), but because money was tight. Working at non-profits is not a way to rake in the dough, and my dad had to go on disability around that time. We didn't have a lot, and I know it killed my parent's not to be able to give us everything we wanted. But we always had enough, and they always made little sacrifices for my brother and I so that we could have special things. Everyone thinks they have the best parents... but mine really are amazing.

Okay, bedtime...


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