friday friday friday

"Some days are going to suck. Some entire years are going to suck. Seems to me that if you want an attitude that will withstand reality you need to accept that everything passes, and that includes both the bad stuff and the good."

-Carolyn Hax

It's been a rather trying week for my office:

  • One coworker, a Captain in the Guard, just got deployed. He is leaving his wife and his job for TX (today or monday i think), then to Iraq. For a year. It's a scary prospect. (I got all weepy last night because a show was on and the women had lost her military husband in battle. Urgh.)
  • Today, another coworker's father died. He was ill... last night the nurse called and said that her father was asking for her. It was a stormy night, her husband was in DC, she said she would be there first thing in the morning. When she woke up, she got the call.
  • Another coworker is waiting for news on whether or not her father's cancer, which they thought was in remission, might have spread to his stomach before they caught it.

They say bad things come in threes... so, I am counting my blessings right now, and praying today and the weekend do not hold more in store for our office!

This week should however, be great! Tomorrow we are heading up to my parent's first thing in the morning. I have a hair appointment, then we will be relaxing with my parent's all day for my father's birthday.

Happy Birthday Papita!!

The only other interruption will be Lori (my seamstress) popping over so that I can try on slips under my wedding dress. That night will be my dad's birthday dinner... I'm not sure what we are having, but I'm sure it will be great. Of course, Sunday is Mother's Day. My mamacita will probably get some breakfast in bed... otherwise, just more relaxing. That night we'll have dinner at Ro & Pat's. I'm thinking Ro will make us something with her wok. :-) Very fun. I'm especially excited because, as you probably noticed, Travis is not working all weekend!

Okay, lunch time for me. Have a great weekend!!


  1. Hi Meegs. I do not comment often but I read almost everyday and I wanted to say HI.

  2. Hi right back at you! :-)


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