sometimes beauty can be so overwhelming...

Congrates to the happy parents over at Baby Makes Three... who just welcomed their first child, a daughter, on Saturday.

I just got done watching What Dreams May Come, and I cried... oh did I cry. It's such an incredibly beautiful movie to watch (visually), but so hard to see (emotionally), all at the same time. And the ending... the love is so palitable that it almost hurts after the sadness of before. It is an amazing movie.

So far my weekend has been lazy, relaxing. Yesterday my car was in the shop for most of the day for routine stuff... so I was housebound. Today I'm waiting for a call about babysitting... but as of yet, nothing. Maybe I'll go for a walk. It's beautiful.

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  1. Meg - i thought i was the only person that loves "what dreams may come"! i cry my eyes out whenever i watch it. just had to share because my family makes fun of me because they all think its a horrible movie and i love it!


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