just because i am here and travis is working and i don't feel like doing the dishes

A Little About Me:
Favorite male hunk.....Colin Farrell... yummy.
Favorite female actress....Angelina... also yummy!
Favorite position....Lol, all of them.
Favorite sport....To watch, football. To play, floor hockey.
Favorite restaurant....Any with sushi or italian!
Who do you family, my friends, and Travis of course. :-)
Favorite picture....Old picture that my mom took of Travis and I laying on the couch laughing our asses off. Not the most flattering picture, but we are just having the greatest time and it shows!
Favorite memory....Too many to have just one favorite. Lots of great times with family and friends, my trip to China, Travis telling me he loves me (the first time and everytime)...
Wedding song....Right now we're thinking "You're My Best Friend" by Queen.
Anniversary....Oct. 13th
Babies....Not yet, but we're thinking 2.
Perspective boy names....Gabriel John, Benjamin
Perspective girl names....Gwenivere Barbara, Sofia Mae
favorite alcoholic drink(s)....OJ and Parrot Bay, wine, Citron and Club
Red or White wine....White... I hate red.
Pets....After the wedding, a doggie!
Current vehicle....Toyota Echo
Favorite color(s)....Blue, Deep Red
Favorite movie(s)....Tons: Harry Potter (all of them), Lord of the Rings (all of them), 8mm, Fight Club, Labyrinth, and Dirty Dancing to name a few.
Favorite word...."free" Lol.
When I have time....I like to relax with a good book, a mug of tea, and Travis.
Phrase that discribes you.... A tattooed hippie freak, that just wants the best out of life for herself and all those she loves.


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