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So the week that would never end... it's finally ended!! Woo! Well, just have to get through the day, which should be no problem. Yesterday was interesting, what with the trains stopping! But thanks to a friendly fellow train rider named John, I got a ride into the city and was only a few minutes late. Jan & Alan, the only two other people here at the time, were surprised, but pleased, to see me. Luckily the trains were up again in time to go home, but it was interesting to say the least... especially for some people I know who ended up getting on the earlier trains, only to have them stop moving in tunnels and ended up having to walk to the closest stations! Yipes. Last night Trav was home, and we actually had a lot of fun hitting up the grocery store. Plus we started straighting up some (which I will continue tonight and we will hopefully finish up tomorrow morning)... and Trav vacummed with this great carpet stuff that left our house smelling like apples and cinnamon. Mmm. So even though its not completely clean yet, at least it smells great! I guess it is spring cleaning time, because we both just popped into action and decided it was time to do a bit of a real cleaning.

Oh, Wednesday night was fun too... since Trav was working, I decided to be crafty. Not sly crafty, but creative crafty. I went to Michael's and picked up supplies and made our flowergirl baskets!

One shot is too dark:

One shot is too bright:

But you get the idea!! :-) Three unique baskets, for three unique girls!

Okay, well, I should get back to work... but, before I go, I'm going to direct you here. Nadine is a sweet little girl suffering from cancer... today is the last day of her first round of cemotherapy. You can totally make her life so much brighter just by sending out a card. Again, go to the link to check out the details, but it is hugely worthwhile, and I think it will make you feel very good inside.

And speaking of something to make you feel good inside... have a happy three-day Memorial Day weekend, and take a moment on Monday to think about all the people, from the days of WWI all the way until now, that have sacrificed themselves to protect the freedoms that we take for granted. I'm sure you all know how I feel about the war, but everyone needs to divorce the war from the soldiers who are fighting it, and realize that they are doing it for their families, their friends, and for us. It's not too much to ask to take five minutes and think of them, and thank them, for that. Happy Weekend!!

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