the drowned rat look is so in right now.

Okay, so I know I said I love thunderstorms... which I do... but this cold endless rain, it's just got to stop.

Here is my cousin Ian standing on the corner of 15th & Constitution in DC... behind him is the Washington monument:

As you can see, its a bit flooded there!
And its miserable here... especially since I didn't have an umbrella with me this morning (mine just broke). It looked like I showered in my clothes... none too attractive. Luckily I keep a long sleeved yoga top here at work for days the AC is on overkill, so I'm wearing that while my shirt dries in front of my mini heater. Urg. Nice warm soup for lunch today, that's for sure.

At least the weekend was great. I got to spend the night at Heather's and see the Malnights. Both long overdue. I also got my invite envelopes from my Mom... very exciting!!

Back to work... unfortunately it continues, even in this weather.

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