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First off, head over to Alice's Journal to greet yet another new arrival!! Little Matthew was born the evening of the 14th, and he is adorable. Congrates Alice!


On a random note to Barry... yes, I am very excited for the wedding. I know what you mean about it feeling like you are already married... Trav and I definitely feel like that too. We've lived together for most of our almost six years, and we own our own house. But I'm just excited for the day itself, to make it legal, and to get to celebrate our relationship with everyone we love. Although another huge reason I am so eager for it to get here is because I just want the planning and all the stress that goes with the planning to be over with already!!! Lol, I just don't want to have to think about it anymore! Anyway...


Today I woke up with a sinus headache. It's all pressure, and is annoying and distracting. My morning got a lot better though when I found a note from Trav with some cash telling me to get myself some sushi!! Yay! Sushi for lunch. This week has been a bit hectic. Tuesday we cleaned up the basement a bit (well not actually "cleaned" but rearranged the boxes) to prepare for the arrival of Kim & Harry's furniture, which they brought over on Wednesday. It took a few trips and some interesting finagling to get everything down the steps into the basement (including removing the outside door!), but it all worked out in the end and now we have a pretty fun little room set up down there. Hell, I'll probably be spending time down their during those hot summer days! It's supposed to be in the 90s all weekend and into next week, maybe I'll get to try it out sooner then I thought. But anyway, it all worked out and we were happy to help. Last night we did some BBQing and relaxed and watched Sex in the City (my boy is the best)... it was nice to have a relaxing night together.

I have some busy weekends ahead of me, so I'm all about relaxing tonight. More Sex in the City, a few random errands, and leftovers for dinner. Easy, relaxing. Oooo, I'll probably wash our new silverwear too (a belated bridal shower gift from Kim & Mom Crossan)!! Can't wait to use that stuff.

On another random note... what did everyone think of the newest "oppsie" from Bush? It was definitely an "open mouth insert foot", but I honestly think it is one of those mistakes that anyone could have made, and to his credit he did go back and apologize to the guy as soon as he found out. I guess I just think that he should be a bit more careful about what comes out of his mouth. The whole thing made me think of Dave Barry and his thoughts on saying anything to pregnant women. According to him, you don't say anything about a woman being pregnant unless she is actually giving birth at the time!! Apparently sunglasses should be on that list as well.

Well, back to work... plenty to do to keep myself busy today!

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