we got to get out of this place, if its the last thing we ever do...

People always ask me about my job... and specifically what I'm going to do about my job. They know that it isn't exactly what I wanted, they know I want to find something better. This is all true... and I definitely have plans to at least look around after my wedding and see if there is something better. But sitting at home today, blogging naked (lol, sorry, couldn't not share), while Travis and Ro and Pat are all at work, well I have to wonder if maybe I'm not a little spoiled by the things at work which are good. Will I be miserable when I have to give up my random holidays off? Or the fact that they don't really keep count of, or care to keep count of, how many days you take vacation? I would definitely miss my incredible coworkers. I would miss the travel aspect that has finally become a part of my position (Chattanooga this year, I'm missing Wisconsin, though I feel that's not a huge loss since I will be on my honeymoon... and next year Chicago!), although I would love to find a new job with travel potential.
All this time I've been singing about how I have to get out of here... but now I'm wondering if I'm setting myself up for disappointment. Say I find a position doing something I really want to do... will the hard adjustment to the rest of the things listed temper my happiness for it? Will I find myself longing for the freedom I had at this job? What if I just don't get along with my new coworkers?
Some changes scare me. This is definitely one of them. Less then four months and I'll have to make a decision of sorts. I guess I'll just have to play it by ear.

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