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I really don't know if my desire/push to do work could get any lower. At one point this past weekend, we were all sitting outside on the table in my parent's front yard... surrounded by my mom's beautiful flower gardens... just really enjoying the day. My uncle asked me about my job, and I answered truthfully that it was basically "eh". At this point I certainly don't love my job, but I don't hate it either. I'm just so neutral about it and it is really making it difficult for me to get my get up and go, well, going.

On a nicer note, Trav and I met at Rochelle & Pat's apartment last night to help them move some big items to their new house (which they just signed all the papers for on Monday... CONGRATES guys!) before the painters come in today, so as to not ruin the new paint job when they are moving in later. It was a lot of fun actually. Definitely hard work (well, hard work for the guys really), but it was fun. They bought us dinner from P.F. Chang's, which was delicious. And we headed over to take all the curtains and blinds down so they don't get ruined by the paint. It is a beautiful house and once they have their colors up and their furniture in, it will be amazing. I'm a little jealous. ;-) But I'm so happy for them.

Travis works tonight so I'm not sure what I'll be up to. Thankfully the heat has broken a bit, although it is in the 90s again, which wasn't supposed to happen. So maybe I can actually get outside. Well, nice night....

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