practically the tropics

It's so humid out, it's practically like being in the tropics! Except no sand or sea or palm trees. At least we will get two of those three this weekend! Ocean City here we come. Heading down tonight with Brian and Stacey to their home away from home. Luck kids, who doesn't want to own a place at the beach?! Hopefully I'll get just enough sun to tan a bit, but not enough so that I become lobster-esque! Of course I'll take pictures.

Yesterday and today have been busy busy at work... trying to get out a huge mailing. At least it makes the time fly. That and the work provided lunches. Not too shabby. Last night was nice, just relaxed with Travis a bunch. I put the invites in order (that they are on our guest list) so that it will be a little easier to put everything together once we have the inner envelopes. Oh! And my parents offered up their printer to us for our programs. Yay! The programs which I think we finally figured out last night! Double yay!

Okay, have to run back to work... break time over. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Yeah, the weather sure has been weird all over the place, huh! Well I hope you have a great weekend too. TGIF for you "working" folks :) HEEHEE!


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