deep sigh... part two

(Starting off at the part where we were getting dressed and adding the final touches.)

Megan looked absolutely incredible!! The dress was perfect for her and she was so happy that it just shined through.

The rest of us got dressed then and we took some pictures, and had some taken by the photographer, then it was off to the country club.

We relaxed in the limo until everyone was ready... then headed right down the aisle. The ceremony was beautiful. The tears that Megan & Mike had been holding in all day finally came out, and caused the bridesmaids to cry as well. It was really as perfect as they could have asked for.

After a few more pictures, we headed in and had a great rest of the evening!!

Saturday we headed home and I lounged around all day. I was just wiped out completely and didn't want to move. Trav worked and Sunday we both worked... but it was definitely an amazing weekend, work and all. If our wedding can be this meaningful and beautiful (what do I mean if, it totally will be!), then I will be thrilled.

If you want to check out some more great pictures from the weekend, you can see Hannah's here... Lauren's here... and Mary's here (in the middle of the group of pictures from Mary & Casey's trip up North). My pics and pro pic hopefully to follow soon.


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  1. Thanks for reppin' the 423 with your 'choo choo' shirt in mary's pics.

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