friday glorious friday

So my coworker just walked into my office, looked at me and asked, "So, have you gotten any work done today?" And that about sums it up. For some reason today just seems very... relaxing! I got completely caught up on work yesterday, so I feel like I can take it a little easy today... a feeling which seems to be shared by the rest of my office!

Looking forward to this weekend. We'll be heading up to my parent's Saturday evening (after a day of house cleaning... oh boy!) to hang out with my brother and cousin Mo for the night (might sleep in the tent, yay for mini-camping), and will spend Sunday hanging out with my parents, Uncle Wray, and family friend Susie. We are bombarded with birthdays this weekend... Trav's dad's is tomorrow, his brother Andy's is Sunday, and my mom's is Monday (hence the reason we are heading up this weekend).

Happy Birthday John, Andy, and Mom!!!

Travis' mom will be joining us in steamy hot PA next week. It will be nice to see her... we haven't since... January? Yea, when we hit up Seven Springs in January. (Oh January, cold and snow... *sigh*)

Ooo, let's update the countdown! Lol, sorry... I'm just feeling very excitable today.

Megan & Mike's wedding Done!
2 weeks until we hit up Ocean City with Brian & Stacey
2 weeks 4 days until JIMMY BUFFET!!!!!!!!!
4 weeks 4 days until my birthday!
5 weeks until we leave for Cape Cod for a week!! :-)
6 weeks 4 days until we mail our invites (give or take).
7 weeks until the girls and I take over VEGAS! Hot!
10 weeks until our RSVPs are due (i think).
10 weeks 1 day until the first day of Autumn (9/23 this year).
13 weeks (aka less then 3 months or 91 days!) until Travis and I finally make it legal!!!!! :-)

So much to look forward to. Plus the Save-the-date we just got yesterday for a childhood friend (actually his best friend for most of his childhood) who is getting married in February. She's awesome, and her fiance is awesome, so we are very much looking forward to this wedding. Plus it will be our first wedding as a married couple. Wee!

Okay, well I have a TON of sushi and other japanese foods to work my way through, compliments of Hiro, who is working his last day at his sushi restaurant. Yum!

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