hell in a 30lbs package

Travis and I watched Teagan last night... his neice, the youngest of his oldest brother's kids. She's four, and he calls her the best form of birth control. She's not that bad, but she is definitely a Hannan and definitely a hellion!! I think its from the two older (and slightly evil) brothers that she has to deal with, and oh does she deal with them, on a regular basis. It was actually a pretty fun evening. We went out for pizza and subs, then to the playground by Willy's for an hour or so to run around and expend some energy. It was fun. Then it was back to Willy's to relax until Trav's mom and Willy got home from their dinner with various friends. They got home around 11 or so, and we headed back to our place. It was a late night for us and we were drop dead tired, so it was pretty much right to bed for us, and I even managed to fall almost right to sleep.

On another note, I wrote (here) about how we helped some friends, on Tuesday, move from their apartment to the house they just bought... what I didn't talk about was how they lost power that night when we were eating dinner, and didn't get it back until about 4 in the morning. They were definitely lucky thought because I know some people that didn't get it back for days. Luckily for us we did not lose ours at all. One reason I had to mention this thought is because, I do have to laugh a bit at all the people that were "just dying" without their A/C. Travis and I have none and we haven't bit the big one yet!! :-) Maybe I'll get a little more respect now. Lol.

Oh, and just to end on a trashy note... I caught the beginning of the new season of Project Runway, a show I actually enjoy because its fun to see the designs that people can come up with. I didn't watch this week, but I did find out that Malan is out. I'm SO HAPPY! I hated Malan with a passion. Way too cocky, with way too little to back it up. Not to mention, just a huge ass all around and what was with the fake British accent?! So thanks to Stacey for brightening my day with that news (even though we have opposite opinions on the matter).

Okay, work and such awaits.

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