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No boss today, you'd think i'd be thrilled, but no... still just blah. It's been a frustrating kind of day. Just stupid things. Hot and muggy in the morning. Actually took the elevator because I was feeling very tired and worn out, three extra people had to cram themselves into the elevator instead of waiting for the next one, the two interns waiting for someone to unlock the front door let me struggle to open the door and pick up the newspapers and hold the damn door for them without once offering to help (I should have dropped it on them instead, that would have interrupted their conversation), in addition to the fact that I have cramps and just feel "blurgh". Honestly there is just so much a girl can take before she starts to get a little cranky.

Add that to wedding stress and frustrations^ which are coming back in full lately, plus the fact that I literally got to see travis for a half hour yesterday, and that half hour was from the time he got in bed to the time he fell asleep (I was already in bed when he got home)... not satisfying. Plus I was jealous that he got to see Ro & Pat's house... especially since if he was going to be there that long, I could/should have gone too. I could have helped Ro out. But he assured me that he would be home plenty early. So much for that.*

A girl just needs to bitch sometimes.
I'm frustrated, I'm tired, I can't wait for Cape Cod so that Travis and I can actually spend some quality time together without work or wedding (I'm so not thinking about it for the whole week), and we can finally just relax. Together!

Deep breaths.

Anyone want to volunteer their high quality color printer to help me print out some of our programs? You would make my year. I would supply the paper, and if you want, a gift card (for staples, kinkos, office depot, you name it) towards your next ink purchase. Let me know.

I'm going to be productive now.

^ honestly, can you actually look at things that I show you instead of just pretending, so that when I come back later and say, hey hunny I think I finished this, you don't say, oh this is nice, but i don't like this much and i don't "get" this... when the things you are pointing to haven't changed since the beginning?! just a thought.

* As an aside, I'm not mad at Travis... he was just helping. I'm mad in general and frustrated with the situation. As it is three of five week nights I only get to see Travis for about an hour, including time in bed before he falls asleep, and last night I lost one of the two nights that I still have with him. Yea, it made me a little frustrated with him that he didn't tell them he needed to get home sooner... or tell me that he wasn't helping them until 6:30ish so he easily could have picked me up from the train station in Media so that I could have come too... but I love my boy and this anger is not focus on him. Just to clear that up.

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