what a day

Woke up feeling sick... like fighting not to barf before I even stood up kind of sick. What a great way to start my day. My day which is going to be in the 90s and maybe even into the triple digits. It's already 91* outside, I don't know how I'm going to handle this. Maybe move into work for a few days? I could learn to live with this A/C. Hell, I don't think Trav would even get a chance to miss me that much considering he works MWF and Tuesday I have to share him with Ro & Pat. I don't even know if I'll be joining him at their place... they are moving stuff and I don't know if I'll just be in the way. Oh well, I'll probably just entertain myself by reading and watching some TV all week... I know I wouldn't want to do a damn thing, not in this heat!

The weekend was nice though. Travis and I got some cleaning done... vacummed the whole upstairs, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, washed dried folded all the laundry. And that was all on Saturday. That evening we headed up to my parent's and had a great time hanging out with the guys, getting some pizza, watching some movies. We spent the night and stayed until a bit after lunch on Sunday. It was great to see my fam, Wray and Morgan, and Susie. Then it was home again to relax and try to stay cool.

Now its back to work. You know, just another day in the life.

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