hump day... oh yea.

I love coming into work and knowing its already Wednesday. Although I'm still not a fan of coming into work with the pouring rain!! At least I had an umbrella this time... but I hope it stops for Mike and Megan's sake! Right now they are still calling for mostly sunny and high of 85*, so keeping my fingers crossed.

I had my hair trial this weekend. It was good... the woman is great and we figured out what we're going to do. Unfortunately, no pictures... travis doesn't want to see anything about my look before the big day. On a funny note, guess what the woman's name is. That's right, Meghan. Go figure... three really wasn't enough, so I thought I would add another Megan to my wedding day.

Otherwise the long weekend was pretty quiet. Most days I just lazed about. There was a parade yesterday for the fourth, but Trav and I didn't watch. The first part was too early and we didn't wake up for it... the other legs, well Trav was napping and I went for a *majorly overdoing it, way too long* run. Let's just say that one of my major accomplishments for the day, besides the run itself, was not throwing up in the shower afterwards! I'll map out a shorter route to run for the next few weeks, then we'll try that run again. I'm really going to try and run at least three times a week from now until the wedding. I figure while that won't completely change my body, it will certainly help.
Anyway, after that we relaxed for most of the day before then headed out to the tennis court to watch the fireworks around 9ish. They we being shot off from about 6 blocks away at our little community center... and we had a good view except for some of the lower ones which were blocked by trees. But our tennis court was perfect because no crowd! Just us and a few neighbors.

Well, today it is back to the grindstone... and I should really get to it since I have so few days this week. Ciao!

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