calling all expert shoppers!

Help. I don't shop a lot, and when I do the stuff I want is normally very easy to find... but now I am looking for two things and can't seem to find either!

First, and this is probably because I'm thinking (& wishing for!!) autumn... is a dress/outfit like this:
Except obviously not maternity!! This was just the only picture that I could find. I found a similar dress in a turtleneck (which I like) here, but can't really find anything like it anywhere else. I mean, I might just have to wait for fall, but a lot of places have their fall line previews up already and NOTHING.

Second are buttons. Anyone from this area know of a great shop where I can get buttons? Or anyone not in this area have a great shop where you can pick me up some buttons if I send you a picture of what I need? My mom needs them for her dress for my wedding. She needs 9mm shank buttons in Forest Green. :-) Thanks.

Again wedding productive last night... although there wasn't a lot I could do! Ended up a little frustrated in the end, but c'est la vie. Only 2.5 more months to go, I can do it.

Anyway, nothing else for you today. My apologies. Work is a calling.

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