the last of the megan and mike pictures

I think. The pro pictures are in though and I just had to share. I think there are some really good ones. Ignore the writing across the bottom... I had to get these by devious means.

Megan and I before the ceremony.

Megan with all the bridesmaids.

Hannah and I fixing Megan up right before walking down the aisle.

A little nervous.

Mike and Megan finally relaxed and goofing off a bit after the ceremony.

The wedding party.

And this is one of my favorites... I'm going to have Megan pick up one for me:
The wedding party... way more reflective of how much fun we were having.

Okay, I think that is just about all of them. Well, until Britney (the sister/MOH) sends me some, but I probably won't post any of those.

On an unrelated side note, I had a scare last night with my hermit crab Henry. It turns out he is molting, but for a minute I though he was dead because of the random claw and legs laying around. They are however only empty shells of legs and claw, and henry is still kicking! Two years and counting.


  1. Was Casey your date? Lucky gal.

  2. Casey was my groomsman escort... we walked down the aisle together, got introduced together, and got to dance to the bridal party dance together. I'm a lucky girl that I got to steal him from Mary for all that time. ;-D


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