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I decided to do this because Susan did it and I found it fun. Check out Paper Napkin for more Day in the Life. Also, let me know if you participate!

My day, if you want to be technical, normally starts very early since I often have so much trouble falling asleep that it is technically my next day when I finally conk out. We'll, skip that though.

My day starts around 6:40... which is when Travis is heading out the door (the guy is a bit crazy when it comes to work arrival time). My sweet boy always stops in the bedroom, closes up the windows for me, and gives me a kiss or two before heading out. My alarm goes off at 7, and I always hit the snooze button... those seven minutes are built in and they are SO necessary! On bad mornings the alarm gets hit twice. After I'm up I start to get ready... brush my teeth, comb my hair, and hop in the shower. I admit that I take too long in the shower, maybe twenty minutes, but first thing in the morning I really can't move much faster. I like waking up and having the quiet though, it makes the morning a little easier to handle. After I get out of the shower I towel dry, mositurize, brush my hair, and then start to battle between what I want to wear (jeans, a polo shirt, and sandles or sneakers), and what I should wear (dress pants, a button down top, and um, nice shoes?). Normally I end up somewhere in the middle... dress pants, a polo shirt, and "dressy sandles" is practically my uniform. Then its time to grab some lunch, a can of something for breakfast, and off I go by 8ish. If I get done real early, I'll watch Arthur on PBS. It takes me back and keeps my morning relaxed.

The train station is only about 5 minutes away... sometime I get stuck at a stop sign with lots of traffic, or hit every red light between our house and the station... but normally the latest I get to the station is 8:10. I back into my space and relax listening to WMGK (the John DeBella Show), while drinking my breakfast. I sing along to the radio and hope the people waiting can't hear me. Around 8:24 I get out and go stand by the tracks. The train arrives a few minutes later and I head to the front, to my normal seat, and say hi to the handful of other people that also always sit in the front. I break out whatever book I'm working through at the time and read for the 20 or so minutes into the city. We get in, unload from the train, and I head off to cover the 5ish blocks from Suburban Station to 16th & Walnut, where my office is. I grab the stack of newspapers that belongs to us by the front desk, and head up the 5 or so flights of stairs to the sixth floor, trying not to get too worn out in the process and relish the first blast of A/C that hits me when I get in our office door. I pop my lunch in the fridge, drop the papers in the Presidents office, and get settled in at my desk.

Work passes quickly if there is lots to do, slowly if it is a boring day... but I always have coworkers to joke with, which helps a great deal. Days like today, where there is no Alan, are pleasantly quiet. I take a break around 1 o'clock to eat lunch and play a card game on the computer. A brief recharge before tackling the afternoon. Endless emails, paperwork, mailings, and address changes. I head out anywhere between 5 of and 15 after 5 o'clock. My train arrives at the station around 5:23, and I know just where to stand so that I can get on quickly and get a window seat. I see more "train friends", and chat for a bit before diving back into my book. By the time we get to my stop, I'm nicely relaxed.

I hop in my car, roll down the windows to get some air, and head home. Most days Travis isn't there so I change into shorts and a tank top, grab the mail, and try to decided what I want to eat. I cook, eat, watch 30 Minute Meals with Rachael Ray, then Friends. When I am feeling up to it I go for a walk/jog. I get exhausted, and then relax in the shower for a bit. I wash the dishes, put away the dry ones, and go spend some time on the computer. Travis gets home around 10:15-10:20, and I always spend the last 20 or so minutes awaiting his arrival.

We have a brief time together, maybe 40 minutes if we decide to stay up late... he unwinds in front of the TV and eats a little something. We talk about our day and anything upcoming. Then we head upstairs, get ready for bed, kiss goodnight, and go to sleep. Well, he goes to sleep... I toss and turn right into my next day.

Lather, rinse, REPEAT!


  1. For some reason I like the idea of having train friends, it seems comforting in a big city. What city do you live in? Thanks for participating.

  2. I live right outside of Philly. Thanks for adding me to your sidebar!


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