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First off, Happy Birthday Ro!!!
My girl's birthday was on Friday, and while I didn't find the time to post here (so busy!), I did take a minute to call her and leave a very off-key rendition of Happy Birthday to You on her voicemail. Singing under your breath, while trying not to be heard by your officemates does not lead to beautiful melodies! Oh well, she knows I love her.

Also Friday, I got off the train to come home and for the first time noticed that the leaves are really in! Its not just delicate buds on the trees anymore, but now they are thick and heavy with healthy, lush leaves. Its lovely. And so spring! Do you ever get so busy, that you forget to just look around you and take it all in? Well, I normally try not to... but I guess this past week was so busy, that I did just that! In anycase, I did get to enjoy it on Saturday when Trav and I went for a walk around our neighborhood area, and then again today when Ro & I went for a walk on our normal trail. I took these:

Beautiful place to walk! And it was a beautiful day.

I also watched two great movies this weekend that I've never gotten around to viewing before. The Business of Being Born and Brokeback Mountain. I found a neat site called Quick Silver Screen ( that has a ton of great movies for free viewing.

The Business of Being Born is done by Ricki Lake, and its about the big business of birthing. About natural vs. medicalized births, and women here in the US losing their role as leader of their labor. It shows that doctors nowadays just aren't schooled in natural deliveries and are often afraid (because of litigation) to just let nature takes its course. It's really amazing, that for all America's preaching about being the leader of the pack, we have some of the worst rates within developed nations for c-section births, and newborn and mother mortality. I definitely recommend it, as I really enjoyed it. Its a pretty neat, touching film with some scary facts.
As for Brokeback Mountain, well I'm sure you are all familiar. I really enjoyed this movie also. It's touching and sweet, but sad at the same time. I thought it was well done, and I was a big fan of Heath Ledger. I recommend this one as well.

Next on my list, 30 Days of Night and maybe, 300.

So this coming week shows signs of being just as crazy as last week... and the following week probably will be too. As far as work goes, it's going to be a tiring May! We have two conferences, two lectures, and a "Study Group" on Asia. Not to mention we're getting a sound system installed in the library tomorrow (Monday) and our hall/lobby area re-painted in two weeks.
The weekends are looking pretty busy too... but a much nicer busy. Mother's Day is in a week, and we'll be up to visit my parents for that and for my dad's birthday (the 13th). The following weekend Trav's cousin's baby, Aiden, will be getting Baptised. The weekend after that is a three day weekend, two days of which we'll be celebrating a wedding. Of course we can't forget Trav's birthday on the 22nd.

In anycase, I have to enjoy my precious time off!!

Now its time for me to head off and enjoy the last of my Sunday night before having to get up bright and early tomorrow. I will leave you with a few pictures, and a three line recipe from last week:

Just take your favorite pasta... something good at holding sauce (mini shells, rotini, etc.) and cook to your liking. In the meantime, cube and then cook until lightly browned, two ham steaks. Once browned, add a generous handful of frozen peas, and cook until just heated through (you can cook longer, but I hate mushy peas!). Add alfredo sauce (homemade or just a jar of it), some salt and pepper, and stir until warmed through. Add to pasta and you have a delish meal.

As you might have noticed, I like a huge helping of grated parmasean on top of mine! You can pass on that if its not your thing.

Have a great last bit of weekend, and a good Monday morning!

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