things i forgot to mention yesterday

First off, today is my dad's birthday.... so a big Happy Birthday Papita!!! to him! Love you!

Also, yesterday's post was actually number 700!! Not too shabby, huh?! I thought that was worth mentioning.

So the things I forgot to mention yesterday:
1. of the two german girls we worked with for the conference on thursday/friday, one was lovely, sweet, appreciative, fabulous... i enjoyed being around her and was happy to help when she had a request. the other was overly blunt, short, impatient, and ungrateful... i'd be happy to not have to deal with her again. but the first girl did offer housing, should i ever be in munich! :-)

2. yesterday afternoon, I was in the elevator with the center from the 76ers yesterday. you just don't realize how tall these guys are until you are standing next to them. its unreal. him especially, he's 6'11"... I actually jumped a little when the elevator doors opened on his floor, which made him chuckle. He smiled and asked if he scared me, I said he didn't, but he hurt my neck!

3. Over the weekend I finished The Other Boleyn Girl... it is a great book. I like it even more then the movie. Its easy to get into and a story with everything to offer.
Next up: all of the mary russel books (I've already read three), more spenser, the chronicles of narnia, the lord of the rings, ps. i love you, and all of the harry potters... again.

Today is a relatively quiet day, which I'm glad for since I definitely now have a full-blown cold. Runny (sore) nose, sneezing, congestion... the works. I'm sipping some tea though, and tonight I'm making soup. Hopefully I'll be on the mend soon.

In anycase, back to work for me!

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