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Friday! I love friday, I really do. Especially warm, sunny ones.

Last night Trav and I went to Bennigan's for dinner, because we had a coupon. And I love that it was all simple and "hey want to go to bennigan's for dinner?" with no big planning beforehand. It made it even better because there was none of that analyzing that we always used to do about can we really justify spending $30 tonight? Can we?! I love that about where we are right now.
And it was good. Yummy food. Good conversation too... its nice just getting to sit and talk sometimes, with no distractions.

Plus, afterwards I had one of those little moments that just makes you happy. Trav and I had met there after work, so we were in seperate cars. We were making a right, then an immediate left to get to a store we wanted to stop at on the way home... Trav made it easily, but I got stuck at the turn left part because of a bunch of traffic. Someone turning left from the other direction pulled up in front of me in the turning lane, making it so I couldn't see who was coming... well the guy noticed (probably because of the huge frown on my face and the thundercloud forming over my head... lol), and instead of watching cars for when he could go, he watched his mirrors and signalled me when to go! So nice! I gave him a big smile and got the nicest smile back... it just made me very happy.

Anyway, the night continued with a VH1 countdown of the Top 100 '80s songs. That definitely put a smile on my face too! So many good songs. Like Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time... and this one:

Absolutely one of my favorites!
And this one:

And Pride (In the Name of Love) by U2. Did you know it was about MLK? I didn't until last night. So many good songs.

Today, I started my day by torturing myself with sad scenes from Scrubs. Love that show, but so dumb because I already made myself cry once. But it started out innocently enough! I wanted to find a song played over a scrubs scene and needed to watch the scene to find it... which I did:

Pretty, right?
I think its a gorgeous song. And now I'm just working my way through all my favorites (about a dozen pages worth) on youtube.

And I swear, when I opened this window, I had actual things to say! I did... but I've praddled on about music for so long now, its gone. Can't remember a damn thing I wanted to say.

Well, I guess that's all then! Sorry for the meandering, no point post! I swear I had things to talk about... but instead you get a bunch of videos. I hope you enjoyed them at least. And I hope you have a great weekend!!

Ps. One more, just because I love it:


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