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Written Saturday, am:
I try to get up when I wake up on the weekends, and not roll over for more slumber (unless its before 8... then I give myself some more time). I'm having enough trouble at night, I don't want to add to it by oversleeping in the morning. Which is something I used to be a pro at... these "early" mornings are new to me! Normally I'd use the time and go walking, but as my week of ankle rest continues, I went online instead and did it to myself again. I don't know that I've mentioned this blog before... I don't read it all the time because, frankly, its too sad and distressing. Plus, to be 100% honest, his writing style bugs me. The more I read it, the more used to it I get, and the story just trumps all... but, not a fan of the prose-like style. But, that is beside the point. I went back and read a bunch this weekend, to use some of that free time. These entries will fill you in on the story and why its so sad. This one has a beautiful photo montage of father and daughter, that is visually beautiful, as well as just touching. Here is a really nice article about it.

Back on Monday, am:
Blogger has been funky this morning. Anyone else having problems? I'm going to do myself a favor and copy this entry before trying to publish it... I hate losing entries to blogger problems.

Anyway, back to the weekend. In some not so tear worthy news... we had a wedding to attend this weekend (yes, another... it is the season for them)! It was great not just for the wedding part of it, but because my Babs was one of the bridesmaids.

The cake part was great:

Of course there are a million of Babs and I...

Weddings are a hoot... really fun.

Really, really fun... ;-)

Us with Babs' parents (my second set of parents).

(Sayward, another bridesmaid, and I went to high school together.)

(My Babs is so pretty...)

Scott & Yiv are such a sweet couple.

So it was a bit of an ordeal getting to the wedding, we ended up being late (like 30 minutes late!) because the directions that looked so simple on the computer, turned out to be a bit tricker then we thought. We got turned around because of a poorly marked road and ended up going about 15 minutes in the wrong direction, which meant 15 minutes back, meaning a whopping 30 minutes late. Opps! We missed the whole first half of the ceremony, but luckily they had a sermon in the beginning, so we didn't miss the vows, rings, kiss, etc. Still, ugh.
But the ceremony we saw was lovely! And they just had a real low-key buffet meal afterwards which was great too. I think they are planning a more formal reception for after their return (honeymooning in NH, at the same ski resort that my cousin got married in! How fun!)... but the low-key version after the wedding was really nice. Trav and I had a good time. I'm always thrilled when I get to see my Babs, and he loves her too.

They lucked out with weather too. While the predicted thunderstorms did show up in the morning, but the time their wedding ceremony was over they had lovely beautiful skies. It was warm too (albeit a bit muggy). At least they didn't have this problem:

That (its a bit hard to tell) is the beginnings of a tornado! The picture is by the Pioneer Woman, and she has a whole bunch of pictures on her blog. There were actually tornado warnings in effect in some parts of PA and NJ... including up by my parents.

After the wedding, we headed home to change... then off to Ro & Pat's to entertain Pat since Ro is off on a last-minute business trip until Wednesday. We didn't want the poor guy to be alone the whole time. So we spent the night there, relaxing, talking, and playing video games.

Sunday was lazy, lazy... we headed home and Trav made up a batch of Yeasty Cheese. He's getting pretty damn good at it, which is nice. It means I don't have to make it all the time now. :-) Then we just relaxed and watched some movies... the first three Harry Potters (I had a "craving"). And marveled at the fact that its June already!!! I knew May would go fast since we had so much going on, but this was faster then even I expected!

In other bits of random news, I was reading this morning and came across another article on the whole Rachel Ray and Dunkin Donuts are terrorists crap. I can't get over how stupid this whole uproar is! Ugh, are we kidding here? Is there nothing else for these people to get up in arms about other then a black & white paisley scarf? So dumb.

Anyway, now its back to work. Although a very low-key work since we don't have any events here until the 25th! And my boss is out today (nice!). Have a great day!!

::crossing fingers and hitting post::

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