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My appologies beforehand for another picture-laden post... just as I can't. stop. posting. lately, I also can't. stop. taking. pictures. Forgive me, and hopefully you enjoy them as much as I do.

So! Today has been crazy. Spent all morning running around testing out the new sound system in our library at work. Had to be done, but I was sort of hoping to use the time to work on stuff I want to get done this week, with one less day to do it in. C'est la vie... it will all get done.

Last nights weather was a jip again, just an hour or so of distant lightning... but at least it cooled down. This was the temp in our livingroom last night at 7:22:

(91!! Inside! Downstairs!!) Ugh!

As for the case of the ever expanding bruise... it grew again. Here's the progression.


In talking about all that's happening, Trav did point out that his surgury falls on Friday the 13th... which some people wouldn't like, but for us it has always been a very lucky day! We met on a Friday the 13th, and were married on one also. Hopefully the luck will continue and everything will go smoothly. In anycase, I'm looking forward to just getting in over with, and I'm sure he is too.

Another reason its a good thing it cooled down? Trav's new accessory:

Stylish, right? It will be his constant companion for the next 3-6 weeks (plus two days).

To get that foot out of your mind, how about this one... I did enjoy my lovely pedicure the other day. This color is fabu:

Don't like feet? Well, I did want to share one picture I took last night, while fooling around outside:

This is one of my beautiful flowers in the front flowerbed (not dead! still so exciting for me). Is that a pistil in your center or are you just happy to see me?

Well, I guess that's about all. Tonight I get to walk the 3-miles I didn't walk last night (just too hot, and too much other stuff to deal with)... and wash the rest of the dishes, and maybe do some laundry. Sounds like a riot, no? I'd look forward to the weekend, but we have to get through Friday first. Send good vibes.

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