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This is one of those weekends that seemed very long and very short all at the same time. I'm sorry I never came back, but I feel like just finding time to breathe was a challenge! I was so tired by Sunday, but didn't really feel that I could chill out much because there were dishes to do and ice packs to fetch and laundry to wash. I'm actually very relieved that we are staying at Willy's this week (did I mention that? well, we are)... it will be great to spend time with his mom and Willy... plus just not having to do everything myself will be really really nice. Not that I blame Trav, he's is awesome and so appreciative and is already doing 20x better then Friday.

Speaking of Friday, Trav's surgury went really well. I got up around 7 on Friday and got showered and dressed. Trav couldn't eat anything, and didn't sleep well, so he was already ready to go. We headed over to the surgury center around 9:30, and they called us back a little after 11. He got antibotics, an IV, happy juice (in the IV), and once back in the OR they gave him a spinal. The whole surgury took about 1.5 hours... he ended up with four screws instead of two, and I don't remember how many staples. While he was in two of his coworkers came down and took me out to lunch (the center was just down the road from his work). Once the spinal wore off I was able to head back to see him. He handled it all like a champ (especially since this was both his first broken bone and his first surgury)! Now he's in the boot for five days and not allowed to remove it at all. After the five days he can take it off to change the bandages on his ankle, but then the boot goes right back on. He also has to use crutches at least until he goes in for his follow up on the 25th... no weight on the foot at all. We even got him a shower stool so that he can sit in the shower.

I'm really proud of him... he seems to be recovering nicely. He's not in much pain (and he has good pain meds for when it does get bad), but I know he's frustrated with using the crutches and not being able to get around like normal. Like I said though, he's already doing 20x better then Friday, and he's adapting nicely.

Once I got him home on Friday and we got some food, the running around started. I settled him on the couch, surrounded by all he needed for a few hours then ran out to take care of some errands. I picked up his bike (ironic - his birthday present finally comes in, and he gets to stare at it for a few months!), picked up a new sports bra for myself, stopped by the pet store for stuff for Henry, and went grocery shopping. All stuff that I had planned on doing during the week, but which got pushed aside. When I got home there was laundry to do and dishes to wash (the dishes had REALLY piled up during the week).

Saturday the running around continued. I made it so Trav didn't need to move from the couch: a cooler with icepacks and frozen drinks, his meds, a plate with cold pizza (his favorite way to eat it), a dvd in the dvd player, a video in the VCR, his book, and the phones (house/cell). I left early to head up for a hair appointment, then to my parents to wish my papita an early happy father's day (Happy Father's Day Papita!!! Love you!!), then off to Bethlehem for the last sitting on my phoenix tattoo. It's finally finished... and I LOVE it!

It's a little bloody in these pictures (like the eye isn't actually red, its white!), but I'll post another in a week or two when its all healed up (and when I think to take another picture!).

When I got back, I did more dishes and more laundry... and we watched some movies. Then I cooked some dinner.... yummy pesto chicken pasta. Let me tell you, when making this dish its best to figure out beforehand that you have a few breasts to cook, so that you don't end up having to de-skin and de-bone a half-dozen thighs!! Not fun, super labor intensive, and majorly messy.

Thankfully, it turned out very yummy. And if you don't count the dealing with thighs part, its very easy. You simply cube a few chicken breasts and brown them with some salt, pepper, basil, and garlic... mix in a batch of my simple pesto sauce... and add a half a box of cooked noodles. Stir and enjoy.

Sunday I met Ro for a walk, then headed home to shower, do more dishes and another load of laundry, then pack for the week before heading to Willy's. We also stopped on the way to pick up Trav's shower stool. We did have a much more low-key evening after that... heading out for a quiet sushi dinner, then relaxing and reading until bed (well, relaxing as much as possible with Willy's sisters over, playing cards and yelling at each other!).

This past week/weekend has really made me appreciate how much of a partner Travis is, and how much he does around the house (it also makes me desperate for a dishwasher, but that's another story). Simple things like taking out the trash and keeping track of when the recycling people come (yup, we've finally gotten back to recycling! yay!)... he's a pro at remembering that stuff. I, on the otherhand, end up feeling like a chicken with its head cut off! Running in all directions, not getting things done, forgetting details. The boy really keeps me on track.

In anycase, here it is Monday morning and we're both back at work. Because of train timing, and the fact that Barb (Trav's mom) is dropping me off at the station before dropping Trav off at work, the mornings are actually very relaxing. I get up around the same time as always, but get the train a little later, so that gives me time to eat something first and even read a little. Its actually rather nice.

Okay, back to work!

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