whelmed. (updated)

It's seems to be a clusterf*ck kind of work day. I'm sitting here in my office, quietly freaking out. We have an event today, and I know it will be fine, but we haven't had one in a month and this is the first one with the new soundsystem... and my stomach is just all knotted up, wanting it to be over already! Not too long now, not too long.
It's funny, I've done this a thousand times... but I'm still nervous about it going well.

Work aside, I'm hoping it will turn out to be a good day. Trav's doctors appointment is today... so my fingers are crossed for good news.

Sorry I'm quiet and boring lately... I'm feeling a bit distracted and overwhelmed. Well, not so much overwhelmed, that's too strong, but just... I don't know, whelmed? Lol. We're heading back home tonight, so I think that will help. The break was great, but it will be really nice to be back in our own bed, back on my normal train, driving myself, etc.

Well, back to it.

*Updated at 11:30: Well, its not over... but its running and so far so good. ::stops to knock on wood:: Everything seems to be going smoothly and the knot in my stomach is slowly coming undone.
Also, I just looked at the calendar and realized that it is, holy hell, less then a week until July! Where is the time going? Honestly, everything feels so much better knowing that I have a three-day weekend just around the corner.

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