a very special thursday

So yesterday was long. And the weather? A complete jip! Plus the blogs I read, half of the authors are asleep on the job. Update people! I want to read you! But here I am, ready to ramble some more because for unknown reason I. just. want. to. write. Its a compulsion.

But today I do have a reason to be here, an important reason to write...
I love this girl:

Happy 25th Birthday Babwa!!!!!!!!

Seriously, she's the best. As far as friends go, you couldn't ask for a nicer, sweeter, funnier, more trustworthy one. She is the cats meow, and I adore her. Plus, if you notice above, she is the perfect red accessory to complete my look.

And I'm not the only one who loves her:

I wish I could be there in Indy right now to celebrate your big day. But in lieu of my physical presence, I am sending you a million great wishes that this will be your best year yet. Love you!

And I'll leave you at that!

(Want to read more? There were some great online articles in the news today!
- 10 year old college sophomore
- Why men love women's bodies... I like this one. ;-)
- And a look back, What if RFK had become president? Very interesting!)

Ps. I would be remiss if I didn't say, Go Obama!! And a huge Happy Birthday to my lady-love, Angelina (she turned 33 yesterday).

(Image thanks to Pink is the New Blog)

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