happy, nervous, excited.

So first the Travis update... all great news from the doctor!
Travis got his 9 (yes, nine!) staples out yesterday and his incision site looks great. The doc said he doesn't have to use the gauze anymore, he can just wrap the ankle in an Ace bandage or wear a sock. Trav is going the bandage route because of the warm weather. He definitely still has to wear the boot for a few more weeks, but he is allowed to slowly start putting some weight on his foot now while walking with the crutches and while standing. As he feels comfortable he can slowly up how much weight he's putting on it and once he can put full weight on it he can work his way down to one crutch, then off them completely. He's also allowed to remove the boot to move his ankle a little (up and down motions with the toes only... no side to side or circular motions yet).

And the best news... once he has built up the strength and can put some weight on that foot he will be allowed to remove the boot to drive! So definitely not next week, but maybe by the week after he might be able to start with some short trips. After that, he has another doctors appointment in a few weeks and if all is still going well they will give him a less formidable boot to wear. We're really excited by how well he's healing up. Don't worry, definitely still being very careful. Trav definitely doesn't want any setbacks, so he is taking things very slowly. He's still keeping his foot elevated when he's relaxing at night, and we're still icing it. But all in all, great news from the doctor!

Very happy in our household right now. We were both in good moods last night since Trav got such good news at the doc's and my event went well. We also headed back home last night which was nice (although I've already remembered two things I forgot... opps). I'm also excited and so so very nervous right now because I just got a great opportunity to help out a scholar of ours (associated with my institute) whose specialty is China. I'm just a bit scared that I'm not up to what he is wanting from me. But I'm not letting fear stop me from trying because this would be an amazing feather in my cap!! Plus a fun, exciting chance to get some experience in the area that most interests me. Cross your fingers for me and wish me luck! This could be a really great step for me.


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