rainbow days

So Trav's birthday turned out really nicely. It was a little drizzly when I left work, but by the time I got home it had cleared up nicely. So when we went to leave for dinner... we got to see this:

(See it... the rainbow.) Nice birthday present, right?!

This is us after dinner when we are both in a virtual food-coma. We went to the Pearl (one of our favs) and ate too much sushi. Way. Too. Much. Sushi. But it was so good, and so worth it.

I think we look cute when we are half asleep and drunk on food.

By the time we got home, of course the rainbow was gone... but the clouds were really lovely.

As for today, well its a good precurser to a busy (but should be really fun) weekend, because it is empty and quiet. About six of my coworkers are out, and two haven't arrived yet... it is peaceful... so much so that I can practically hear my thoughts bouncing around this big empty office. It will be so easy to get done the two real things I have to do today, and then I'll be (I hate to say it because honestly, I don't want to jinx myself) all caught up! *knocks on wood* I know I have a few things coming my way next week, and all the normal day to day stuff... but I'm on top of it and that just makes life very relaxed. I'll probably take a walk around the block at lunch, and leave a little early so my walk to the trainstation can be leisurely.

Now, one last thing to leave you with. I was playing around online last night and watching So You Think You Can Dance (*blush*)... now really I was only half watching, I'd take in a little, then go back to what I was doing. But this guy... he was the last one of the night and he is AMAZING! I couldn't tear my eyes away, the things he can do with his body are just bizare. Watch for yourself:

And then one more because I found it and thought it was funny... and who doesn't love some Harrison Ford, especially when he's working for the environment?!:

Well, that's all I have at the moment... but I'm sure next week I'll have lots of pictures and hopefully some stories to share. Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. You two are such a cute couple! Love the rainbow pic. And don't blush over "So you think you can dance". I LOVE that show! xo


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