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Wowza's... what a long week already! It's been crazy... but today is a good day. Not only because it is Thursday, so the weekend is almost here (a three-day weekend at that, yippee!), but because today my wonderful, handsome, sweetie-pie of a husband is turning 28! So, a HUGE Happy Birthday to my amor, Travis!! Hopefully his day will be a good one... full of all the things he loves.

So, last night I finally got to finish the flower bed! I got home at my normal time and immediately got to work. It was looking a bit overcast and blustery out, so I didn't want to wait until after dinner, only to have it rain. That would be my luck.
So a reminder...


(Half way, just after transplanting...)

And the flower bed now... Mulched! and sans ugly plastic edger! :-)

And just for fun... before & after:

I'm VERY happy with how it turned out.

I also got to pot my orchid on Tuesday night. It finally started to clear up around 7:30-8ish that night... after my drizzly walk, of course. But I was able to take all my stuff out onto the porch and pot away. I LOVE orchids... I was torn between putting it in our bedroom or in the living room. I decided on the living room for this one (more sun and get to show it off!), but might end up going back for another for the bedroom. LOVE orchids!!

And I promise, I'm done boring you with a ton of garden/plant pictures... at least for a bit.

What else did I do last night? Well, I washed all the dishes that had piled up in the last few days. There has been a lot of other things going on, and the dishes got neglected. But otherwise, we were lazy people. I felt a night of lazy was well deserved, especially now that the only thing left on my list of things to do this week (now that all the mulching/planting and other cleaning is done) is to mop the kitchen floor.

So this makes be feel like a dork, but can I talk about TV for a minute? I don't normally, but after this week... I don't know if I can handle anymore season finales! What a freakin mind-trip they are playing on us!! Skip ahead if you watch CSI, Numbers, Bones, House, NCIS, or Criminal Minds and haven't seen the most recent episodes. Here be SPOILERS!:

  • Warrick (CSI) presumed DEAD
  • Charlie (Numbers) no longer working with the FBI?!
  • Zack (Bones) a murderer! Locked Up!
  • Amber (House) DEAD!
  • Director Sheppard/Jenni (NCIS) DEAD!
  • Someone?! (Criminal Minds) Dead?! Injured? Blown up?! I think this might have been the only one with a real cliffhanger ending.

And this, this is all too much for me. I can't take anymore of my favorite characters being killed or otherwise done away with! Ugh!

Now, if you are easily grossed out... turn away now! Trav was letting his finger breathe a bit Tuesday night, san bandage, so I snapped a picture. I'm a bit facinated by it, but I understand some people are more... grossed out! So, don't say I didn't warn you! I'd like to introduce: Franken-finger!!

It's not too bad. He's sore, but its not killing him. I'm guessing he's going to have an interesting scar when all is said and done though.

Well, enough of that... time for me to get to work. Have a great day, y'all!

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